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Asignment Task and terms of reference - how to prepare them?

Why do you need terms of reference?
Whether you need to get ready a personal or corporate web site, an online shop or a complete web-based system to manage your company's resources, no doubt you should start by preparing the assignment task. It must be enough detailed, specific and technically sound as far as you can manage it. Do not worry if you are not familiar with the IT terminology - our specialists will assist you to formulate properly your requirements.
There are good reasons to invite you prepare yourself (or helped by us) the task assignment, but we will mention only some of the most important ones:

What the task assignment should include?
Introduce yourself (your company): Describe the history of your business, the achievements of your company, your vision for the future of your enterprise. Make a detailed description – in the way as you aren’t in the role of the Client, but as if you want to win a customer. Do not miss anything - the more details you have described, the better you will be understood and the better results you will obtain.

The goal! Describe the goals of the project - what your expectations are? Do you want to upgrade your existing web site, or you want a new one to be builded? Is it that the site should renew your image on the internet or the intention is to build an online store, to apply for online presence? Do you need globally or locally positioned ERP / CRM system? Or you want a software adapted to your specific needs to be available for you and your colleagues anywhere, at anytime? Be detailed - the correct understanding of the problem will enable all participants involved in the project to avoid errors and to bypass the "pitfalls" from afar.

Once the project goal is set, it’s time to determine its content – thus to explore each component in detail:

  • When it comes to a website, you should start with its design - in most cases it is much easier to imagine the content when you design the vision, the concept.
  • Do you have a company logo or you want to have a developed one?
  • If you do not have a logo, probably you haven’t developed a brand too – Do you want us to do it for you by following your vision for the project and your concept for a web presence?
  • Do you have a domain? If the domain name that you want is already in use, then the alternative is to choose one to a great extent corresponding to your brand;
  • Then after comes the design architecture and structure - determination of pages type: standard, news, media, forum, etc.;
  • Is this a multilingual or monolingual project? It is vital that this detail is specified before the start of work on your project, otherwise it would mean loss of time and money for re-elaboration at a later stage;
  • What kind of functionality do you need - user registration forms, forms to be filled in , surveys’ forms, etc.?;
  • What web’site you intend to have - static or dynamic one? Would you like to work with CMS (system content management) or you will outsourse this activity by delegating this responsibility to an IT company?;
  • Do you want to make advertising online? The surest way for you to be in the top positions in the results from a search engines online advertising is the paid advertisments;
  • Do you have any hosting service? Would you like us to recommend you one?
  • Last but not least - share everything you didn’t find an answer or solution to -your vision is what will drive the whole project, so do not leave a question unanswered, every detail is important.

If you find it difficult to answer the above questions, leave them open with an option to be quoted or contact our staff on the phone numbers listed in the Contacts section. Remember – your properly structured task assignment will assure you an accurate quotation and real time frames for the project implementation. Do not pass by small issues and questions, this will save the time of the participants in your project.

When you are ready with the job and you have prepared the task assignment with the terms of reference, you can proceed to selection of the contractor.

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